Using the iTunes Up Next List

Use the iTunes Up Next list to pick which songs will play next without needing to create an entire temporary playlist. You can add to the list at the top or the bottom, clear it or reorder it all while you music is playing. You an view he Up Next list from the iTunes toolbar, or the mini player.
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Let's take a look at the Up Next List in iTunes 12.6. To get to the Up Next List click on this button here. Now I've got it empty right now but you can see Up Next, History, and Lyrics.

So I've selected Up Next. You can see that I'm in the music section here. I've got my library selected and I'm just looking at the artist view here. So if I start playing a song, like the first song on the first album, what will happen is you can see that it's playing, and you can see in the Up Next List it lists that song and then every song after it in the order according to this view here. So every song in the rest of this album and every song in the next album continuing on.

So what happens with Up Next? Well say I want to, instead of just letting it continue, I decide I want to hear this song next. I can click on the three dots here, select Play Next, and it goes into this list here. You can see the list is now divided into two pieces. The first piece here is what I have just added as play next. So there's that next song. That's what is going to play as soon as this song is done. Then after that is the continued list of everything that came after what I originally had selected. So it's going to play this one next and then it's going to resume playing everything else on the list.

I can clear that out so that it doesn't play everything else on the list. It only plays the song I've selected as play next and then stops. Now if I add another song and I say Play Next it will go onto the list at the top. So it will actually be the next song played. The previous one I selected to play next will move down to the bottom.

However, if I were to go and say select Play Later it gets added to the bottom of that list instead of to the top. So you have the option of building your list with songs being played next or being played last in the Up Next List.

Now you can also view Up Next in the MiniPlayer. So go Window, MiniPlayer. The MiniPlayer comes up and you can pull the top up to expand it. You can see you have the same control you have here with Up Next, History, and Lyrics you've got here. So you can see Up Next. You can see what's in the list there. If I add new songs to it by clicking on the three dots, you can see I've added that song here to the end and I've got this handy list that stays open unlike this list here which only appears when I click. You still have the Clear button in both.

So this allows you to kind of play DJ either for yourself or, you know, if there's other people around you can just keep adding songs either to be played next on the list or be played last in the list. In addition you can click to remove a song. So you can see I've got these little X's over here and you can drag and drop songs. So I can rearrange the order here anytime I want in the MiniPlayer and you can do the same here in this little pop-up to rearrange the songs as well. So you have complete control of what is to play next. This is great because instead of having to interrupt a song or to kind of hang around till the song is just about over and then start a new song you can kind of prepopulate this list as you like to play the songs that you want.

It's great to be able to create a playlist to do this but if you're not going to create a playlist that you will reuse, you just want to play some songs right now and you don't necessarily want to save the order that they're played in, then using the Up Next List is a great way to do that.

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