Using the macOS Finder Preview Pane

The Preview pane gives you so much more than just a simple preview. You can view lots of information about a file, and even change things like the file name and tags. You can customize what is shown in the Preview Pane for each file type.

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    Hal Plimpton
    3 years ago

    Gary...An amazing drill-down...thanks, but I’m curious how this differs from the PREVIEW app. Thanks...Hal

    3 years ago

    Hal: The Preview app is a very different thing. First, it is a while app that you open files with, not something you would use to view the contents of a file without opening it at all. Second, it only works with images, PDFs and a few other things. Not videos, sound files and many other file types. Third, Preview has markup tools and ways to convert and export images.

    3 years ago

    OMG...this is an awesome tip. I use quicklook a lot but this is so much better for my purposes. Thanks, Gary, for being my Mac Guru.

    Charles Solomon
    3 years ago

    Gary, when you showed how to use the ... to add functions to Finder Preview I noticed that one of the options is "Create Searchable PDF." That means Mac OS has given us an OCR engine to use with non-searchable PDFs, PDFs that are images! And it doesn't just create a mass of text, it preserves formatting such as Bold and Underline and Center. Unless a person has Adobe products, that is huge! It is also relevant to your recent comment on OwlOCR.

    Joyce Hann
    3 years ago

    Hi, this is exactly what I am used to seeing and using. Now Finder has stopped showing the preview pane. It just shows a 'wheelie'. No answer on Apple support forum. Suggestions?

    3 years ago

    Joyce: A "wheelie?" No idea what you mean by that. What happens when you try to turn the Preview pane on or off? Have you tried a restart?

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