MacMost Now 29: What Is MacWorld Expo?

Gary Rosenzweig gives a brief overview of MacWorld Expo for casual Mac users.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Hi, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. I'm at the end of the first day of the MacWorld Expo. Now, if you've never been to MacWorld Expo or maybe you've not really even paid much attention to it in the past, so I'm gonna give you a basic idea of what's involved. So basically MacWorld Expo happens every year in January here at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. And the main part of it is the Expo, which is behind me. There's actually two different expo halls and all sorts of different vendors that have anything to do with Apple computer come here, so software for the back, cases for the iPod, iPod speaker sets, iPhone things, anything that's got to do with Apple. And they all come here, large companies and small companies. Some companies have one computer and a little desk, other companies have these huge booths with all sorts of swag to give away and things to demo, and they basically show off their new products. They make announcements, people come and they can see them for the first time, sometimes they're not even for sale yet. The press can also come here and write about what they find, and find some new and interesting products, which is what we're doing here. And that's pretty much the entire week, at least Tuesday through Friday. Tuesday morning of course started off with a keynote address which traditionally for the last nine ten years has been Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, and he introduces all sorts of new products. And over in the middle of all of this is actually the Apple booth with is the largest of all of them. And that's where they have all the new stuff. So for instance, the MacBook Air, and the new Apple TV software, and everything there is being demoed and being shown and you can actually get your hands on a MacBook Air there. So that's basically in a nutshell what MacWorld is. So about 40,000 people come to this, several hundred different vendors from all over the world. There's people speaking all sorts of different languages, and at night of course there's all sorts of different parties and social events as well. So it's basically a big Apple love fest and product release party. That's MacWorld and we're here, we're covering it. Well I've got a lot more coverage over the next few weeks of some of the vendors that we've met, especially some of the interesting products that we've seen, so look for that. Until then, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.