10 Ways To Make Your Email Signature More Interesting

We include email signatures with every message we send, but often don't put much thought into the signature itself. You can make yours stand out with some simple techniques like using colors, including emoji or clever combinations of characters, images and more.

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    Chris Laarman
    4 years ago

    Gary, I always appreciate your efforts. :-)
    However, this time:

    I don't want any of my signatures to distract from the body of my message. (Nor do I want subject lines to.)

    4 years ago

    Chris: Yes, that is actually what I do too. But I know a lot of people like to get creative with their signatures.

    Ruth Burig
    4 years ago

    Thanks, Gary.....Although you lost me at the end of this segment - I will definitely be able to use most of the info. I love frequently changing my signature!

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