8 Better Alternatives To Sending Large Email Attachments

Sending large files as email attachments can be probematic when you have server limits and bandwidth issues on either end. There are better ways to send files. You can use photo or video-specific sharing sites. For other files you can use free file sharing services, cloud services or get your own professional server.

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    Patrick J Jeffas
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary, I typically use iCloud to share files, but often I want to share a folder and I can't do that. What is a good way to share multiple files or a folder?

    4 years ago

    Patrick: iCloud folder sharing is coming very soon. Rumors point to next month. So if you wait, you'll have this feature. Otherwise, you'd need to go with another cloud solution like Dropbox for those folders.

    4 years ago

    Gary, I find the best way to share photos is to use the iCloud link that you talked about in the video. Itā€™s so much easier for people to click on the link then trying to send them any other way.

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