Adding Titles and Captions To Things In Mac Pages

A new feature in Pages 10.1 allows you to add a title and a caption to objects such as images, shapes, tables, charts, videos and even text boxes. You can even add them to groups. This same functionality is also available in the most recent versions of Keynote and Numbers.

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    Peter Baldwin
    4 years ago

    I have noticed something strange that has occurred with the introduction of this update to Pages.
    When you copy a URL of a You Tube video into Pages it no longer appears as a string of text. It appears as a photo of the front page for the video. It is still an active link but it takes up far too much room in a Pages document. I have noticed if I paste the same URL to say an email it pastes as a string of text. This is very frustrating for me and Apple Assist do not seem to have an answer.

    4 years ago

    Peter: That's not something strange, that is a big new feature. You can PLAY that video in the Pages document now. But only in Pages. As a PDF, it is a link. It is listed in the What's New document.

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