Adjusting Photo Time and Location

With the Photos app in El Capitan, you can adjust the time and location data for your photos. If you have photos taken with a regular camera, it may not include any location data, and the time can easily be off if you haven't set your camera's time or are traveling in a different time zone. The Photos app makes it easy to go back later and make changes to time and location.
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Hi, this is Gary with On today's episode let's look at how to adjust the time and the location of your photographs in the Photos app.

Let's start by taking a look at a photo and adjusting its date and time. So I'm just going to go into single photo here in Photos and under Image I can easily do Adjust date and time. Here's where it shows me the original and I can adjust it right here. I can set any date or time I want. Adjust it anyway that I want.

So I can change the month for instance. I can also then change the time zone which is something that you commonly need to do because maybe you take pictures with your camera and you are on vacation in a different time zone but your camera does not know that. The iPhone will but your camera won't. So you can adjust the time zone to whatever you need and you can do a search like that. Hit adjust and now it changes it and you see it there at the top.

This is very handy and the cool thing is you can do this with multiple photos. So, for instance, I can select these two photos here and I can adjust date and time on both of those. So let me go ahead and change this to another month and I'll also change the time zone and adjust. It will adjust it for both of those photos. So now, if I go in, and I can see there it says April and April for both of those photos.

So if you have a whole bunch of photos that don't have the proper time stamp on them you can select them all and then set them using Image, Adjust date and time.

New in El Capitan is the ability, in Photos, to change the location or set it. For instance, this photo here was taken with a camera that didn't have any GPS in it so if I go to it and get information on it, Window, Info or Command I, I can see its got no location. I can easily now assign a location.

I can just type something and it is going to do a search for me. So here I get the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and that's indeed where I took this photo. I can select it and now it has set that location. You can see it has reflected that change here and now it shows me a map here which is what I would see if this was a photo I took with my iPhone and I had location set.

Now you can actually navigate in this map by dragging it around using the plus and minus buttons. That kind of thing. I can even click and hold on this pin and then move it around and put it someplace more accurate. So that might help a lot right there.

You can do a lot of other things. For instance you can go in here and type again something else and you can try searching for a location but you can also even enter in longitude and latitude. So I'm going to go in Safari here and in Safari I can go into Goggle maps and one of the cool features of Goggle maps is I can control click on a location. Hit what's here and it gives me longitude and latitude. I'm going to copy that and then I'm going to go back in here and I'm going to paste longitude and latitude there and that will work as well.

So you can actually locate places that are not near any other place. You are out in the wilderness and you can use longitude and latitude, if you have it, to enter in a location.

So some other tips here. You can select multiple photos. Command I and assign a location to all of those. So that's handy for vacation photos. You take a bunch of pictures at a museum you can easily assign them a location.

You can also revert to your Image, Location if those photos didn't have any but if I were to go to something I took more recently and that I know was taken with an iPhone, there you go and this one has a location already, you can see that I have those there. If I Remove Location or Revert to Original Location so I can set a bunch of locations and then decide I want to go back to the one that is imbedded in the actual photo file that was taken with the camera.

So we have the ability to remember that one as well as assigning one manually here in the Photos app.

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    Richard Gustafson
    3 years ago

    The drop down menu for creating a smart album does not include a “Location” criteria. Another words, you cannot create a smart album based upon the Location your have assigned pictures. WHY?

      3 years ago

      You can use “Text” to do it. Like “Text” “includes” “Colorado”

    3 years ago

    I haven’t upgraded to El Capitan yet. After watching this video I must upgrade.

    Tripp Frohlichstein
    3 years ago

    Yet another fine and useful video! You are amazing Gary. Always exceptional work.

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