Apple Music Shared Playlists

Apple Music and Spotify Shared Playlists are great ways to access selections of music from movies, books or represent a genre. You can find more complete movie soundtracks in Shared Playlists and also collections and "mixtapes" mentioned in movies and books.
Video Transcript / Captions
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So one of the best features of using a streaming music service, like Apple Music or Spotify, is the ability to access public playlists. So these are playlists of songs that other users have put together and made available for you to listen to. Since you're both using the same service you have all those songs available to you.

Now this started years and years ago on Spotify. Apple Music was a little slow to get going on this because it was a new service and it took a while for people to start creating these playlists. But now there are plenty of them.

So, you can search for things. Like, for instance, here I am in iTunes in the Browse mode. I'm a member of Apple Music so I have access to all that. I can search for, say, 70's funk. Of course I'm going to get results that have lots of albums and lots of official Apple Music playlists. See, there's Apple Music Soul Funk Best of the 70's.

But if I scroll down you can see I have Shared Playlists as well. I can see all these playlists created by other people. So I don't have to go with the standard ones. I can see what other people have selected. You can type in anything you want there. It doesn't have to be a genre music. Better yet you can find specific playlists for different things.

Like, for instance, the movie Atomic Blonde featured a lot of cool music. But if I search for it looking for the soundtrack I'm going to be disappointed because due to rights and things like that the album has a lot of grayed out songs in here. Which is a shame because if you look at them they're standard songs that you'd think would be in Apple Music. And they are! Just that the way that the legal stuff works out you can't really find it there. But, if you go and look in Shared Playlists you'll find that a lot of people have posted shared playlists that recreate the actual soundtrack with the songs taken from say the original albums that they were on. You can find this in a lot of other places as well.

For instance, Guardians of the Galaxy features these mixed tapes which are different than the soundtrack. So the soundtrack has all this movie soundtrack stuff on it but the mixed tapes are the actual tapes that the main character is listening to. Now unfortunately these weren't really released as albums. But you can go and find shared playlists that actually recreate volume 1 and volume 2 of these. Not only that but sometimes big companies get in on the act. Because Disney actually created a playlist with all of those songs on it taken from the different albums. So in this case you kind of get an official source giving you a playlist that you can have access to.

Now in a book I just finished reading, Armada, the main character has a playlist called Raid the Arcade and you'd think that would be cool to listen to maybe while reading the book. Sure enough under Shared Playlist a lot of people have recreated the Raid the Arcade playlist from the book Armada. So you can find all sorts of things like that in there.

A lot of times people create these Spotify playlists and post them online. Now there's enough people on Apple Music that if you find a Spotify playlist from a movie or a book or something like that usually if you search Apple Music you'll find somebody has recreated that same playlist in Apple Music as well.

But whether you use Spotify or Apple Music don't be afraid to search for these shared playlists made by other people. Take a look at those as a source rather than listening to official playlists or albums or stations on Apple Music. In a future episode I'll show you how to make one of these playlists.