Apple Store Self-Checkout

By using the Apple Store app on your iPhone, you can walk into an Apple Store, pick out a product, pay on your iPhone, and walk out without ever needing to speak to an employee. Self-checkout has been around for a while, but few people seem to know about it. Watch as I pay for a new Magic Trackpad using self-checkout and see how the process works.
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So did you know that you can walk into an Apple Store, pickup a product off the shelf, pay for it yourself with your iPhone, and walkout without ever talking to an Apple employee. It's called Apple Store Self-Checkout. It's been around for awhile.

All you need to do is have the official Apple Store app on your iPhone. This is the same app that you would use to browse the Apple Store and purchase something for home delivery. Once you have that app on your iPhone you want to make sure, of course, it's configured with a payment option and all of that. Then you just walk into the store with your iPhone.

Now here's me going into my local Apple Store and picking out a Magic Trackpad 2. Once I have it in my hand and make sure it's the right one I located the bar code on the back. Then I bring out my iPhone and search for the Apple Store app. Once I launched it, it automatically recognized that I was in an Apple Store and had the screen up there for doing self-checkout. I could have hit the Close button there just to, maybe, look around for detailed information or something like that. But it's all set there and all I need to do is tap of the middle of the screen to get going.

Then it switched the Camera on and I went and located, through the camera, the bar code. Once it picked that up it displayed information about the product. So I could have actually used this as kind of a bar code reader to get more information about products and not completed any purchase. Also notice the little heart icon at the top. That saves the product to my Favorites. That appears then on the account page in the app. So you can walk around the Apple Store and actually save a bunch of products that you want to Favorites to maybe consider them later for ordering at home for home delivery or maybe just getting back to them the next time you're at the store.

But when I was ready to move on I hit the Self-Checkout button and from there I was given my payment options. Now I have Apple Pay setup and that's the best option to use. So I simply used Apple Pay to complete the purchase. It brought up some information there and I had to double click the side button on my iPhone to activate the face ID. Once I did that it processed and I had paid.

Now it brought up there a receipt because you may be asking well what's to, you know, let people in the store know that you're not just walking out with a product that you stole. Well, you get this receipt on your phone. Now, no doubt, they get a notification inside the Apple Store as well that somebody purchased a Magic Trackpad using Self-Checkout. I've never been stopped or anything walking out with a product but I always leave the receipt up on my phone just in case. Of course I always nervously look around thinking that perhaps another customer thought, Did he just walk out without paying? But I've got the receipt on my phone so not matter what happens all will be well and I've got my product with minimal hassle and could do it in under a minute. Walk in and out of the Apple Store no matter how busy and how crowded it is.

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    1 year ago

    Doesn’t the security device on the product have to be deactivated?

    1 year ago

    Pat: There are no security devices on the products in the Apple stores.

    Dave Cummings
    1 year ago

    Thats every shoplifters dream where i live!!

    1 year ago

    Wow! Absolutely fantastic!! Thanks

    1 year ago

    This is incredible, never knew it existed. Many times I’ve been in crowded stores in NYC and had to search around to find a rep to check me out; it’s usually pretty quick, but now I don’t need to go thru that at all! Bravo. (I wonder why Apple doesn’t publicize this more?)

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