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A Comprehensive Guide To Controlling Your Mac With Your Keyboard
In this special live video I look at many different ways to use your Mac keyboard to control everything. Learn how to launch apps, select text, manage your files, and so much more.
Copying Vs Moving Files On a Mac
When you drag and drop a file from one folder to another on a Mac, sometimes this will move the file, and sometimes this will copy the file. Learn when a drag is a move vs a copy and how to choose the other option.
Why Are File Sizes Different On Macs Than Windows and Other Places?
When you transfer a file between Mac and Windows, or upload to a cloud service, you may notice that the file size looks different. Windows and most cloud services use a different way to measure sizes like megabytes than Macs do. The file is actually the same size, just the math used to get those file size numbers is different.
When Is the Right Time To Buy a New Mac?
What to consider when you are thinking of buying a new Mac. Should you buy when you need a new Mac, or when Apple comes out with a new model? How do you know when Apple is about to release something new?
Use Your iPhone and AirPods As a Hearing Aid
You can use the Live Listen feature on your iPhone to use it and your AirPods as a simple hearing aid, allowing you to hear voices clearer even in the next room.
Changing The Pointer Size and Color On a Mac
You can change the size of the pointer as well as the border and outline color. If you want more options, you can always get a third-party app, though some options are only achieved using screen recording apps.
Word Processing Vs Page Layout Modes In Mac Pages
There are two different modes in Mac Pages. It is important to know the differences between these modes and when to use Word Processing Mode or Page Layout Mode.
How To Make the Safari Start Page Super Useful
The Start Page in Safari is often ignored, but it can be a very useful tool. By removing some items from it and actively maintaining others, it can be your go-to screen in Safari.
Using Text Transformations and Building Your Own On a Mac
You can use default text transformations on your Mac to convert text to upper or lower case, or to capitalize every word. However, it is better to use styling in Pages. You can also create your own custom text transformation with Shortcuts.
Using the Mac Dock With Only Your Keyboard
While the Dock seems like a strictly graphical interface, you can actually use it with just the keyboard. You can launch apps, access advanced functions, and even rearrange the items in the Dock using keyboard shortcuts.
Using Memoji Creatively In Presentations, Documents, Videos and More
Memoji are fun to use in Messages on your iPhone or as stickers on your Mac, but you can use them for so much more. But creating little characters that look like you, colleagues or students you can make better presentations, documents and videos.
Watching Video With Picture-In-Picture On a Mac
You can use Picture-In-Picture to watch a video on your Mac while you do other things. It places the video in a small window that floats on top of other windows. You can use Picture-In-Picture on web videos, the TV app, and other places.
10 Ways To Clean Your Mac Desktop
If you have a messy Mac Desktop and want to clean it up, there are several techniques you can use. You can do something quick and simple to tidy up, or get to work and go through those files to organize them better.
10 Ways To Transfer Files Or Photos Between Mac, iPhone and iPad
You have many options when it comes to transferring files between your Mac and iOS devices. You can keep it simple with AirDrop or iCloud Drive, or use a cable or Wi-Fi to move files, regular networking, the Finder, and more.
Setting Your iPhone To Listen For Sounds
You can set up your iPhone so it listens for sounds like doorbells, glass breaking or a baby crying, and then alert you with a tone or a vibration.
iCloud Drive With or Without Desktop & Documents Folders
The Desktop & Documents Folders feature of iCloud Drive lets you decide whether those two folders are stored only on your local Mac's hard drive, or as part of iCloud Drive and available across all of your Apple devices.
20 Ways You Can Use Web Page Links On A Mac
There are many ways to store and recall Web locations other than just plain browser bookmarks. Learn how to create lists and documents, add to contacts and events, even make Menu Bar and keyboard shortcuts.
Creating Shortcuts That Accept Voice Input
When creating Shortcuts for the Mac or iOS you can use voice input easily when you trigger the Shortcut with Siri.
Using the Finder With Just Your Keyboard
The Finder is easily controlled with a mouse or trackpad, but if you prefer to use your keyboard you can access most functions if you know the right keys to press.
Get the Most From Your iPhone Virtual Keyboard
The iPhone onscreen keyboard is something you probably use often, but do you know all of its time-saving features? Learn how to swipe-type, access character variations, use predictive text, access the hidden trackpad and more.