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Calculating Rank In Mac Numbers
If you need to find the ranking of rows in Numbers, you can sort, use COUNTIF or use RANK. It gets a little more complex if you have to use multiple values for tie-breakers or rank within groups.
Which MacBook Should You Buy? (Summer 2022)
If you are looking to buy a new MacBook soon, it can be confusing to decide which one is right for you and which options to get. See this guide to deciding between the MacBook Air, the 14-Inch MacBook Pro and the 16-Inch MacBook Pro.
Which Desktop Mac Should You Buy? (Summer 2022)
If you are looking to buy a new Mac soon, it can be confusing to decide which one is right for you and which options to get. See this guide to deciding between the Mac mini, iMac and Mac Studio.
5 Ways To Generate Random Numbers On Your Mac
Learn how to get random numbers on your Mac using the Calculator app, the Numbers app, Siri, the Terminal and a custom Shortcut.
Exporting From Mac Photos
Learn the various ways you can export files from the Photos app on your Mac. You can do a simple drag-and-drop, but you'll get more options if you use File, Export. You can also export directly to another app, or save as a PDF.
How To Use Alignment Guides In Mac Pages
There are three kinds of alignment guides in Pages. Learn how to use them to quickly align objects in word processing or page layout documents.
What Are These Symbols On My iPhone?
Ever wonder what the arrow at the top of your iPhone means? Or green dot, orange dot, padlock with a circle around it, moon, spaceship or bed mean?
10 Things You May Not Know You Can Do With Your Mac Desktop
You have a lot of ways to customize your Mac's Desktop. You can use a grid or even have items automatically sorted. You can change the icon and text size, show more information, set a background color, and even show images or information over the background.
2 Ways To Find Duplicate Files On a Mac

If you suspect that you have some large duplicate files on your Mac, you can find them without any special software. You can use the Finder to search for files and sort them so duplicates are together. You can also use the Terminal to find duplicates with a multi-part command.

20 Ways To Search Your Photos
The Photos app gives you many ways to search through your photos. You can look by person, dates, locations, objects, titles, camera type and so much more. You can also combine these in ways to get interesting results.
New Dynamic Backgrounds With Mac Keynote
A new feature in Keynote lets you easily place an animated dynamic background behind your slides. You can customize them with your own colors, sizes and movement.
How To Use Mail Merge With Pages On a Mac
A new feature in Pages 12.1 is the ability to create envelopes, letters, invitations and other things by merging address data from the Contacts app or a Numbers spreadsheet.
10 More Interesting New macOS Ventura Features
Here are some more new features coming to macOS with Ventura this fall, including Photo duplicate finder, the Weather app, Live Text in video and more.
How Time Machine Backups Work When using iCloud
Does Time Machine backup all of your files when you are using iCloud Drive? The answer depends on whether you are using the Optimize Mac Storage function. But even with it on, chances are you are well protected.
10 Interesting New macOS Ventura Features
Take a look at some of the new features coming to macOS with Ventura this fall, including Live Captions, the Clock app, new Spotlight features and more.
Why the Date and Time In Your Mac Menu Bar Is Gray
If the date and time in the top right corner of your Mac's screen is gray or dimmed, it is because you are using Do Not Disturb or some other Focus mode. Learn how to turn it off if you have turned it on accidentally, and find out how you can keep the date and time as black text when a Focus mode is on.
An In-Depth Look at macOS Ventura Stage Manager
Stage Manager is a new multitasking feature for macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16. Learn how it works and all of the options. See how it operates with app switching, multiple desktops and the Dock.
New macOS Ventura Notes and Reminders Features
There will be lots of new features in the Notes and Reminders apps in macOS Venture this fall. See how you'll be able to filter and use Smart Folders in Notes, create and reuse templates in Reminders and more.
Daily Reminders Using the Reminders or Calendar Apps
You can create daily reminders to do things like take pills using either the Reminders app or the Calendars app. Figure out which one is best for you.
New macOS Ventura Mail and Messages Features
The Mail app in macOS Ventura is gainign the ability to undo send, schedule an email, remind you about an email later, and also improved search. In Messages, you will be able to delete a message you sent and edit as well, at least for iMessage.