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5 Basic Mac Techniques Every Mac User Should Know
To get the most from your Mac, weever Mac user should know about context menus, the app switcher, mission control and more. Even if you already know these basic techniques, there are some tips for using each one.
10 Mac Apple Menu Tips and Tricks
The Apple Menu gives you access to some primary system functions. There are some hidden features of the Apple Menu as well as other was to access the functions there.
New Things To Check Out In macOS Big Sur 11.1
There are a few new features in macOS 11.1 you should know about. There are new News app widgets, a new default search engine option in Safari, and improvements for running iOS apps on M1 Macs.
How To Record Your Mac Screen With Audio
You can use the open source BlackHole audio driver extension to record your screen with audio in macOS Big Sur. I'll show you how to set it up, hear the audio over your speakers while recording, and even mix microphone and internal computer audio with level control.
Apple released the first major update to macOS Big Sur today. It is available in System Preferences, Software update for Macs already updated to Big Sur. Changes include support for the new AirPods Max headphones, updates to the TV app and more.
Mac Basics: Using the Finder's Four Views

Learn how to use the Finder's four views: Icon, List, Column and Gallery. Each view has its advantages in different situtations.

How To Create Alternate Versions Of Big Sur's Desktop Background

If you don't like the colors or brightness of the macOS Big Sur default desktop wallpaper, you can create your own. It is easy to take the default image and tint it to your own color or even add more to the design.

10 Actually Useful Things You Can Do With the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro Touch Bar can be a useful productivity tool if you take the time to train yourself to use it. The first steps are to learn what it is capable of and how to customize it.

Use Hover Text To Make It Easier To Read and Type On a Mac

Hover Text is an Accessibility feature of Catalina and Big Sur that allows you to see the text your cursor is hovering over in a larger size. You can also see the text you are typing into fields or even apps like Pages. It is great for those that occasionally find text in an app to be too small to read.

Apple surprised many by releasing a product in December, something they rarely do. The new AirPods Max are an over-the-ear addition to the AirPods line. Priced at $549, and available on December 15, these are meant to be top-of-the-line headphones for audiophiles.
Dealing With Big Sur Spotlight Previews and Other Problems

Spotlight in macOS Big Sur isn't as useful as it used to be. You don't het previews by default and suggestions get in the way of actual results. Which there's no fix for this problems, there are some workarounds that can make Spotlight more useful.

What's New In the macOS Messages App In Big Sur

The Messages app has several new features in Big Sur, including inline replies, mentions, pinning conversations, custom icons and names for group conversations and more.

MacMost Live: Creating a Newsletter In Pages

Watch as I build a printable PDF newsletter in Mac Pages. I'll use Page Layout mode to add tex boxes, link them, add images, captions, graphic elements and more.

Mac Basics: How To Launch Apps

There are many different ways you can launch apps on your Mac. You can use the Dock, LaunchPad, Spotlight. But it is also important to understand where the apps are actually located. There are also other ways like double-clicking a document or switching to an already-running app.

How To Find Duplicates In Numbers

Learn how to find duplicate rows in Numbers using various functions and formulas. You can also deal with the duplicates by deleting them or combining the data in them.

How To Use And Create Apple Maps Guides

You can access premade guides in Apple Maps with lists of interesting places near a city. You can also build your own lists and share them with people, even if they aren't using Apple products.

Tips To Get the Most From the Mac Dock

There are many hidden features in the Dock that users don't know about. You can access them by bringing up a menu instead of a simple quick click.

10 Ways To Customize the Look Of macOS Big Sur

There are more options than ever for customizing how macOS looks with Big Sur. The Menu Bar and windows get their color from the desktop, but you can also set them to ignore that. You can change the way sidebar icons and other elements look as well.

20 Mac Mail Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the the Mac Mail app. Learn how to customize the sidebar, redirect messages, markup images and PDFs and much more.

Mac Basics: How To Use Split View

Split View allows you to place two application windows side-by-side on your Mac with no other windows or elements. You can use this as an alternative to arranging windows on your desktop or using a single window in Full Screen mode.