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ClipTools: The New Clip Manager Window
Version 1.4 of ClipTools adds the Clip Manager. This window allows you to manage, use and even edit your clips, saved clips and Smart Clips. It is the most powerful update to ClipTools since it launched.
How To Choose Which App Will Open a File On Your Mac
When you double-click a file it opens in the default app for that file. But you can choose to open many files with another app such as a different image or text editor. Learn many ways how to select which app opens a file and how to change the default app for that file.
Why Does Apple Add New Emoji?
New emoji characters are coming to the Mac. But why does Apple put in the effort to add new emoji when there are others things that are more important?
How To Merge PDF Files On Your Mac
There are several ways to merge PDF files on your Mac. A simple Quick Action in the Finder will do it quickly, but using Preview gives you lots of options to arrange and customize the resulting PDF document. You can even split a PDF file with the same techniques.
How To Use Mac Desktop Stacks
Desktop Stacks can help you clean up your messy Desktop while still keeping the files you want available there.
Customize Your Mac Finder Sidebar
Boost your productivity by customizing your Finder sidebar. You can add the folders and locations you use the most and access them easily in the Finder, Open, Save and Upload dialogs.
Which Cable Do You Need To Connect a Mac To an External Display?
Connecting a Mac to an external display requires just a simple cable, but it can be confusing to know which is the right one to buy. A basic DisplayPort cable is all you need, but an HDMI adapter may seem like a good choice instead.
Where Is the Missing Comma On My iPhone Keyboard?
If you are using the iPhone's virtual keyboard and can't find the comma key, there are a few reasons why.
Record Video Presentations With You In Them Using Keynote
You can make videos that feature your Keynote presentation and you live on camera on the slides. With this technique you can record your presentation for later use or as a YouTube explainer video.
10 Ways To Take Notes On Your Mac
You can use a variety of built-in apps on your Mac to take notes. Which app you use depends on your needs and the specific situation.
7 Ways To Switch Apps On an iPhone
iPhone users switch apps constantly. But are you using the best app switching method for your needs? See a variety of ways to switch apps and their advantages.
20 Things You Can Do Faster With Spotlight
The Spotlight menu can sometimes do things faster than using the specific app or window meant for a task on your Mac. You can access system settings, look up words, run Shortcuts, get information, create new contacts and events, and much more.
20 Tips For Using the Apple Vision Pro
Here are some tips for getting the most out of the Apple Vision Pro. Even if you don't have one yet, watch to see some rarely-discussed features of Apple's latest device.
5 Ways To Write Simple Programs On Your Mac
If you want to learn some basic programming skills, or want to use skills you already have to perform calculations without needing to learn a whole development tool, there are many ways to do that on your Mac with what you already have, or what you can get directly from Apple for free.
Pages Shape and Image Placement and Wrapping
When you add a shape or image to a Pages word processing document the object will be anchored to the text, which will wrap around it. You can change the object's settings so it stays on the page or is inline with text. You can also change how text wraps around the object.
How To Turn Off the Reveal Desktop Feature on Your Mac
Starting with macOS Sonoma if you click on the Desktop background wallpaper, all of your windows move off to the side and you can access items on the Desktop. To turn this off, you need to change a system setting.
How To Share Files and Folders With Anyone Using iCloud Drive
Sharing files with iCloud Drive is often a better solution than sending a file email or message. But it can be tricky to send a file or whole folder if the other person doesn't have an iCloud account.
How To Use iPhone Stolen Device Protection
Stolen Device Protection is a way to protect you and your iPhone if someone steals it and knows your passcode. It is available in iOS 17.3 which came out this week.
New In ClipTools: Smart Files and Repeat Paste
New features in version 1.3 include Smart Files, Repeat Paste and the Reuse function in Smart Clips.
Creating Random Bingo Cards in Numbers
You can create random bingo cards using two tables in Numbers on your Mac. Each card will be unique and draw from a larger list of words, numbers or phrases. You can print each card or save them individually to a Pages document for later use.