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Mac Basics: Searching For Files
Learn how to search for files in the Finder. You can simply search for words in the names or contents of files, or perform more complex searches in specific locations and for dates, file types and other criteria. Lots of advanced tips too.
10 Mac Settings To Make Your Mac More Secure
Here are some settings you may want to check out if you are concerned about security on your Mac. Not all of these are necessary, but you may want to consider them.
How To Maintain Your Downloads Folder On a Mac
Your Downloads folder is the default location for browser file downloads. Learn how this relates to the Downloads folder in the Dock and the Download icon in Safari. If you don't maintain your Downloads folder it will eventually become filled with files taking up lots of space on your drive.
Mac Basics: Using Spotlight Search
With a quick keyboard shortcut you can bring up Spotlight Search and look for files, launch applications, get various kinds of information. People use Spotlight Search in a variety of different ways.
Sharing Photos Online From Your Mac
You can share photos online using the Photos app on your Mac and iCloud. Others can view it on a public website on in their Photos app. You can also make the album private and allow others to add photos and comments to the album.
Mac Basics: Using Windows And Tabs
While most Mac users are familiar with using tabs in web browsers, fewer utilize them in other apps. You can use tabs in most apps to have multiple documents in one window. You can even use them in the Finder to have multiple disk locations in a single window in separate tabs.
Using Custom Calendar Alerts On Your Mac
The Mac Calendar app allows you to set custom reminders that will send you an email message, open a file or launch an application. You can also add more than one alert so you can get both a notification and use a custom alert for the same event.
Use a Shortcut To Change iPhone Settings Just For One App
You can create a personal automation in the Shortcuts app to change your iPhone settings when you launch an app, and then change them back when you exit. For example, you can increase the font size, but only for that app or a set of apps.
Mac Basics: How To Right Click
Learn about the various ways you can right click on a Mac. This is also called control clicking or simply bringing up a context menu. In games you may need to check the settings to figure things out.
Creating An Object Pass Transition With iMovie
You can create an object pass or masked transition with iMovie by using a few other free Apple apps to help. After a few minutes of work, you can get a unique transition not usually achieved with iMovie.
How To Login To Your Mac If Your Keyboard Isn't Working
If your keyboard isn't working when you are trying to log in, there are a few things you can do, but no perfect solution. You can use another USB keyboard, but in some cases your wireless keyboard will work as a wired keyboard too. You can also set up an Accessibility function in advance to avoid the problem.
The Most Asked Mac Questions According To Google
These are the answers to the most-asked Mac questions on Google. How do you take a screenshot? How do you type accent marks? How do you use F-keys? How do you copy and paste? And much more. Even experienced Mac users may learn from some extra tips.
Mac Basics: Using the Dock
The Dock is one of the most basic tools you'll need to learn to use a Mac. You can use it to launch apps and you can customize it to contain the apps you need. You can also put files and folders in the Dock and change how it works in System Preferences.
10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Mac Safari
There is a lot of hidden functionality in the Safari browser on your Mac. Here are ten things (actually 13!) that you may not know you can do that will help you when browsing the web.
Mac Basics: Changing Your Desktop Background
You can set your Desktop Picture to a variety of dymanic or static images that Apple provides. You can also use a soild color or choose from one of your own photos or an image file.
Creating Useful Helper Actions For Mac Numbers

By using JavaScript in Automator you can change the value of selected cells in Numbers. But a little more coding you can place specific or random values in the cells, reorder them, insert data from the clipboard or even an Internet location. There are allo sorts of ways to use code like this to do things you couldn't easily do in Numbers otherwise.

Using Advanced Text Options In Pages
You can go beyond basic font changes or bold text by using advanced text options in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You can make text stand out with spacing, baseline changes, outlines, shadows or adding a background color.
Keep Your Online Accounts Secure Using Safari Passwords
If you aren't using a third-party password manager, you should be at least using Safari Passwords. This allows you to create strong unique password for your online accounts without having to remember or type them. You can even use those password on your other Apple devices through iCloud.
25 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Mac Numbers

Here are a variety of functions, features and tips for Mac Numbers that many Numbers users don't know about.

Mac Basics: How To Preview Files
If you want to see the contents of a file before opening it in an app or importing it into a document, you can use many different methods in macOS. You can use Finder icons, Gallery View, the Finder window preview area, or Quick Look.