Composing Multiple Messages In Mail

Mail in El Capitan allows you to easily work with multiple messages in full screen mode. You can minimize the composition window and return to it. You can also put multiple messages into the composition window and select them using the titles of the messages at the top.
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Hi, this is Gary with On this episode let's take a look at a new feature in the Mail app that let's you easily compose more than one message at a time.

I'm looking at Mail version 9.1 in El Capitan. It has two new ways you can easily compose multiple messages at the same time. For both of them you are going to need to go to full screen mode for Mail. So I'm going to click the green button here to go to full screen mode.

Now when I compose a new message it will come up. You see how it pops up from the bottom of the screen and kind of grays everything out behind it. I can actually go ahead and start composing this message.

If I want to I can minimize it using the minimize button. What happens to it? It goes to the bottom of the screen here and you can see now it says New Message here at the bottom. I can click on it again to bring it up. So I can change the Subject to something and I can minimize it. Now you see it has the title there at the bottom.

So I can get back to what I was doing or maybe reference an email or something else in Mail here and return to composing this message very easily.

Now what if I were to compose a second message. Well I still have this one open. I can do this and a couple things happen.

First of all I'll give it a Subject here. You can see in my Mail composition window I now have two tabs. So I can switch between these and switch between the two different messages I am composing. Of course I can have more than two. I can have a whole bunch of different messages I'm in the middle of writing right now. I can still minimize this window and I see both messages here at the bottom. I can very easily jump to one or the other by clicking on the little tab that it leaves there at the bottom. Then switching it.

So it is kind of this Mail window inside a window that allows me to go ahead and compose multiple messages at the same time and get those multiple messages out of the way while I look at something else.

Now what if I were to leave full screen mode. If I do that what happens is that all that functionality goes away. I can still compose multiple messages but they are in separate windows just like they were before. If I minimize them they minimize to the Dock just like with any other app or how Mail worked before.

So all this new functionality is if you were to go full screen. You see I can't even go full screen if I go full screen with this one message here it just takes that one full screen. But if I go full screen in the main Mail app now I loose those composition windows. So this really only works, you can see they are left behind over here, if you use Mail in full screen and you keep it in full screen while you are working with multiple messages.

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    3 years ago

    Also seems to work in Split View.

    Phil Husted
    3 years ago

    Hello Gary,
    Thank you so much for your instructional videos. Went from Microsoft based machines to all Apple a few years ago and you have educated me and enhanced my pleasure in using my Apple products.

    John Stires
    3 years ago

    This SEEMS to be an enormous solution in search of a problem. It wouldn’t be the first time I missed the point, but is there but is there any data on Mail users actually utilizing this feature? Gary, do you use it?

      3 years ago

      I don’t use it. But there are people who handle a lot of email — sales, marketing folks, HR, customer support, etc. They probably need it more than you or me.

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