Convert Text From Uppercase

TextEdit and other Mac text editing apps have useful functions for converting text from all caps to lowercase, allowing you to process uppercase text quicker. You can also convert the other way, or capitalize each word.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Here's a problem you may have run into especiallyif you deal with old documents, text archives,
things like that.
You get some text that is all caps and youneed to convert it to something that's a little
bit more readable.
So, as opposed to retyping the entire thingthere's an easy way to do this.
At least to give yourself a head start onit.
If you select the text, I'm here in TextEditbut this works in most apps like word processors
and things that edit text.
Go to Edit and there are transformations here.
You can do three things.
You can make everything Uppercase.
It's already that so we want to make everythingLowercase.
This will convert all the Uppercase text toLowercase.
It's a lot easier to actually capitalize beginningsof sentences instead of having to retype everything.
Likewise you can go ahead and select textand go to Substitutions and Capitalize.
This capitalizes every word and makes therest of it lowercase.
So this is useful say for a headline.
You can go ahead and if it's a long headlineyou can automatically do that.
You can, of course, add keyboard shortcutsfor this in System Preferences to make uppercase
and make lowercase and capitalize be somethingyou can easily access on the keyboard.
It's very handy if you deal with text a lotand need to be able to change the case of
large blocks of text.

Comments: 4 Responses to “Convert Text From Uppercase”

    Mr. Luigi
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary, I’ve been using the application, PopClip (available in Mac App Store), for several years now. It can change highlighted text from all caps to lower case and vice-versa. It also offers about 100 other user selected functionalities such as cut, copy, paste, check spelling, etc. etc. etc. All automatically activated when your highlight text. I find it indispensable.

    2 years ago

    Gary; I do a lot of cap / lower case switching in Pages and thought doing a keyboard shortcut was a great idea. I went to SysPref>Keyboard>Shortcuts but was lost as to how to proceed from there. Didn’t see anyway to create a new shortcut or have any idea how i’d get the “transformations” as actions…any suggestions / help? (Running osMAC 10.12.1)

    2 years ago

    Video was excellent; easily made a shortcut for capitalizing 1st letter only in words that are all-caps as opposed to Edit>Transformations>Capitalize. Set shortcut for all apps not just Pages. Thank you!

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