Create A Photo Collage With Pages On a Mac

If you want to combine photos into a collage, you can do it using Pages. By using Page Layout mode with custom page dimensions, rulers, guides, box shapes and alignment tools, you can create a grid of photos that at any size. Then you can drag and drop pictures from the Photos app into each box. You can also use borders or even build creative designs with various shapes and sizes.

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    Linda DesGroseilliers
    5 months ago

    Excellent tutorial, Gary. I used to used PSE for collages but I don’t have the program on my MacBook. Now I can start playing with Pages to create them. Thank you so much!!!!

    5 months ago

    Boy, that’s much more involved than I want to get involved with. Is there an easier way?

    5 months ago

    Cecil: To create collages? Sure. Just buy an app from the Mac App Store that will do this for you.

    5 months ago

    Hi Gary- great info. I’ve been collecting memes during this coronavirus crap. I have nearly 900 pics and videos. Pretty funny stuff. I want to compile them in an orderly way and then publish the file on the web for friends. I don’t want to have to purchase a domain or sign up for a host. Got a recommendation for me? TIA

    5 months ago

    Chuck: Maybe as a photo gallery at Google photos or something like that? There are free web hosts, like wix, but they are usually pretty limited in what you can do.

    Ted Ludlow
    5 months ago

    As usual a great training video, Gary. Is there any way to save the “Pages Collage” in Photos as a Jpeg and part of a Collage album? You also mentioned a “Collage App” in response to a previous question. Can you be more specific?

    Thanks for ALL your training videos! Love ’em!

    5 months ago

    Ted: You can just save the jpeg and then drag and drop it into Photos. Then create an album for those or whatever you want. As for “collage app” I mean just go to the App Store and search, you’ll find some.

    5 months ago

    Hi Gary, thanks for the detailed video, can I make the photo collage into template so I can click and drop from my photos before sending them to print? Or is there a way to make it into a template in keynote? Because I need to put a large amount of pictures into the same collage using same sizes, thanks for your help!

    5 months ago

    Shirley: I would just do one picture inside a shape, then copy and paste to create a row, then copy and paste the row to make the whole thing. Then drag-and-drop a new image into each shape. You can make a template if you like, but that would only help if you need to make collages all the time. Otherwise, you can always just duplicate the file and drag and drop new images in the next time you need one.

    4 months ago

    Gary, amazing amount of information inside 15 mins. Thanks for your great videos, they are great to watch during lockdown and improve my skillset at the same time. Your style is very calm and clear. Please keep going on these informative lessons.

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