Create an Animated GIF From Video On A Mac

You can turn any video into an animated GIF using the latest version of Apple's free Keynote presentation software. A new feature of Keynote is the ability to export as a GIF. To convert a video, you can create single-slide presentations using the video and export. You can also easily crop and trim the video, as well as add text or even combine several videos into one GIF.

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    Ian MacGregor
    11 months ago

    I had installed iMovie a few days ago to see if I could do this but I’m more familiar with the iWork apps. This appears to be much easier in Keynote. Thank you, Gary!

    10 months ago

    FANTASTIC VIDEO! Thanks Gary! Keep up the good work!

    10 months ago

    I want to create an animated GIF from an iPhone Live Photo – will this method work for me or is there a better start point?

    10 months ago

    Andy: On your Mac? This method will work. Export from Photos using “unmodified original” option and you’ll get a picture and a video file. Then use the video file in Keynote.

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