Creating A Letterhead Template In Mac Pages

You can easily create your own letterhead template in Pages to be used any time you need to type a letter. Elements in the template can be placeholders for text. Other elements can be placed on section masters to appear on every page. You can save the template as an independent file, or to the templates chooser that appears each time you start a new document in Pages.

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    Ronald Hecker
    1 week ago

    Very helpful. That’s what I was asking for before. One note; you call this a letterhead but later you call it a header. A letterhead would only be on the first page. If you want a header [or more likely a footer] on subsequent pages that would be more appropriate.

    Scott Smith
    4 days ago

    I think I know the answer but you are such a great source I’ll ask anyway. In earlier versions of Pages there was a merge function that allowed you to populate fields with data, for instance by dragging a contact into a field or group of fields, very useful in a letterhead. Being dyslexic and a poor typist this ability was wonderful. I still keep a copy of the old Pages to use when I really need this trick. Do you know of a way to accomplish this with the latest and greatest Pages app?

    4 days ago

    Scott: Can’t you just copy and paste names and addresses and things like that? Sound like what you are talking about was a side-feature of the old mail merge functionality which is long gone.

    Adrian Hayes
    4 hours ago

    Another masterclass from Gary! I notice that when you went to save the template, you actually had a “Save As”function. My copy of Pages (Version 8.0 (6194)) only seems to have “Save”. Is there an option somewhere to add “Save As”?

    19 mins ago

    Adrian: In most apps like Pages, when you hold down the Option key and go to the File menu, the Save As option replaces the Duplicate item.

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