Creating Convenient Saved Searches For Your Mac Finder Sidebar

You can use Saved Searches on your Mac, also called Smart Folders, to give you easy access to files in your Finder sidebar. This can be a handy way to see recent documents, all documents of a specific kind, or even your most commonly-used apps. Learn how to create, edit, delete and store Saved Searches.

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    Chris Mundy
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    Great video (again). Another point to add value to your saved search, which you're probably aware of, is to use the view functionality, 'Arrange By'.

    e.g. Say I want to list Pages documents when they were created.

    Create a search as you describe in your video on Pages documents.

    Then go to: Finder > View > Arrange By > Date Created. Then the magic happens.

    It groups the documents by, Previous 7 Days, Previous 30 Days, Months then Years.

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