MacMost Now 634: Creating Printable Calendars in iPhoto

There's a lot you can do with the calendar creation feature in iPhoto 11. You can use your own photos and iCal calendars to order a printer calendar from Apple, or print it yourself. You can also export the pages from a calendar to a PDF or even create an image from it.

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    Sonny Z
    13 years ago

    Hi Gary... Just want to say this was fantastic video!!!!! Definitely know what to send out for Christmas gifts this year!!!!! Thank you so much for helping out the Mac community with these great insights!!!!

    13 years ago

    Will the first page have pictures on both sides of the paper?
    The next piece of paper, the calendar page for January will have the dates on one side and the picture for February on the reverse and so on throughout the year?
    Can a home based printer, say a HP Office Jet with duplex capability, be able to print all the pages in a sensible manner?
    By sensible I mean that when the calendar is assembled nothing will be upside down.
    You wouldn't know if there are inexpensive tools to punch holes and attach the wound wire at the top would you?
    If I'm going to make this at home with my own paper and printer I would like to make the WHOLE calendar from beginning to end.

      13 years ago

      That answer depends on your printer. I guess if you have a nice printer capable of printing on both sides of the page you can do that.
      You'll probably need to experiment to see if you can get it to work the way you want.

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