Every Included Mac App In About 3 Minutes

Your Mac comes with 46 apps pre-installed. Gary attempts to describe each one in just over 3 minutes. Watch to discover things you may not have known were already on your Mac. You can find all of these with Spotlight searches, Launchpad or looking in Applications or Applications/Utilities.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Your Mac comes with 46 different apps preinstalled. Let's run them all down, in one take, in only three minutes. Here we go!

Safari is the web browser and for some people the only app they need.
Mail which allows you to hook into corporate and standard email systems like gmail and iCloud.
Contacts which allows you to share phone numbers, email addresses across all of your iCloud devices.
Calendar allows you to share events complete with alarms and alerts and things like that.
Reminders allows you to also do alerts and alarms and also do things like to do lists.
Notes is kind of a freeform information sharing app that allows you to just type text, do checklists, and all sorts of things.
Preview allows you to open up pdf's, images, and other types of files to view them and annotate them.
Maps that can help you locate something and also get directions.
Messages allows you to send messages between Apple devices and also over SMS if you have an iPhone.
FaceTime is a video chat app.
QuickTime allows you to open and play video files and do some basic editing.
Photos allows you to manage your photo library and share photos.
iMovie is a pretty powerful video editor.
Pages is a powerful word processor.
Numbers, a very powerful spreadsheet program.
Keynote, a great presentation app.
iTunes allows you to organize all of your media including music. It also allows you to access Apple music, rent videos, and do a bunch of other things.
iBooks allows you to buy books from Apple but also you can store your own ebooks and read them there.
App Store allows you to buy new apps.
PhotoBooth is something that allows you to use your camera to take quick photos from your Mac.
Dictionary to look up words and use different dictionaries that you can download.
Calculator allows you to do simple and complex calculations.
GarageBand is a great music creation tool.
Activity Monitor is a utility app for if you're having trouble with your mac and you want to troubleshoot things.
Airport Utility allows you to configure your airport extreme or time capsule.
AudioMidi Setup is for if you have a midi keyboard and you need to configure it.
Automator allows you to create little programs to do repetitive tasks on your Mac.
Boot Camp assistant allows you to install Windows on a partition on your Mac.
BlueTooth File Exchange is an old app that allows you to send files to blue tooth devices.
Chess is a multiplayer or single player chess game.
Color Sheet Utility is something for graphics professionals to calibrate your screen.
Console is another system app for troubleshooting issues.
Digital Color Meter allows you to see the color underneath the pointer on your screen.
Disk Utility allows your to configure and initialize hard drives.
DVD Player allows you to play video DVD's that are connected to your Mac.
Font Book, you can install and manage the fonts you have.
Grapher allows you to do 2 and 3D graphs of math equations.
Image Capture, you can access scanners and cameras.
Keychain Access, you can see the certificates and passwords stored on your Mac.
Migration Assistant, you can pull a user account from another Mac. It's great when you're setting up a Mac for the first time.
Script Editor, another way to automate tasks.
Stickies, creates these little sticky notes that can appear on your desktop.
System Information, you can view all sorts of information about your hardware and terminal. You can access command line stuff.
Text Edit is a great little word processor. Very cross platform compatible. It can do simple little small word processing docs.
Voice Over Utility is an accessibility feature for people with vision impairments. It can read things on the screen.

Comments: 7 Responses to “Every Included Mac App In About 3 Minutes”

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    Are “Pages”, “Numbers”, and “Keynote” pre-installed? I thought they were free downloads but that they did not come with a new computer or a blank install of macOS.

    2 years ago

    Douglas: You get them in the Mac App Store. When you purchase a new Mac you get them for free. http://www.apple.com/creativity-apps/mac/up-to-date/

    2 years ago

    Would like to slightly ENLARGE the type size in address book for example – too small for old eyes to figure…?

    2 years ago

    Ellis: No way to change the font size in just the Contacts app. But if you are having trouble with the text there, then you are probably having trouble elsewhere as well. Look into either using the Zoom feature in System Preferences, Accessibility, or simply changing the display resolution. http://macmost.com/making-text-easier-to-read-2.html

    John Atkinson
    2 years ago

    Great job, Gary. I’ve been using my Mac for six years and didn’t know about five of these apps!

    How do you overlay the video of you on the Desktop when you make your videos?

    2 years ago

    John: I used ScreenFlow.

    James R
    2 years ago

    Congratulations Gary, for the excellent work, missed many more applications that have the Mac, such as Network Utility, System Image Utility and other more

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