Filter Email In iOS 10

A new Filter button in the email app allows you to quickly and easily filter your email in the mailbox you are viewing. You can change the filter criteria.
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So a new feature in iOS 10 is the Mail Filter Button which you see at the bottom left corner of the Mail app. It's hard to miss. It's a pretty useful feature for a lot of people.

Whatever mailbox you're looking at, in this case my Inbox, if I just tap that button it will start filtering. You can see it says Filtered By Unread. So that's nice. I can filter by Unread or see Everything in my Inbox.

But you can customize what the filter is. So if I tap where it says Filtered By Unread I get this control here. I can say Adjust This Filter.

So I can say Only Include from certain accounts. I can say Show Me the Unread ones or maybe Show Me the Flagged ones or both. I can say whether addressed to me or cc to me. Or whether it has attachments or whether it's from a VIP.

So I can adjust all of that to my liking. Let's say if I change it to Flagged, hit Done, and now you can see it says Filtered by Flagged.

If I tap the button there at the bottom left again it changes the filter.

So if I were to go ahead and flag this email here and look, I see the flagged email.

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    3 years ago

    Does changing the filter change Notifications?

    3 years ago

    Chris: No, it just change what you see at that moment in the list of messages.

    Terry Nicholls
    3 years ago

    The button you’re discussing on my Mail program is in a completely different place. In the top right-hand. Is this OK?

    3 years ago

    Terry: What device are you using and which version of iOS?

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