Filter Email In iOS 10

A new Filter button in the email app allows you to quickly and easily filter your email in the mailbox you are viewing. You can change the filter criteria.

Video Transcript
So a new feature in iOS 10 is the Mail Filter Button which you see at the bottom left corner of the Mail app. It's hard to miss. It's a pretty useful feature for a lot of people.

Whatever mailbox you're looking at, in this case my Inbox, if I just tap that button it will start filtering. You can see it says Filtered By Unread. So that's nice. I can filter by Unread or see Everything in my Inbox.

But you can customize what the filter is. So if I tap where it says Filtered By Unread I get this control here. I can say Adjust This Filter.

So I can say Only Include from certain accounts. I can say Show Me the Unread ones or maybe Show Me the Flagged ones or both. I can say whether addressed to me or cc to me. Or whether it has attachments or whether it's from a VIP.

So I can adjust all of that to my liking. Let's say if I change it to Flagged, hit Done, and now you can see it says Filtered by Flagged.

If I tap the button there at the bottom left again it changes the filter.

So if I were to go ahead and flag this email here and look, I see the flagged email.

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    2 years ago

    Does changing the filter change Notifications?

    2 years ago

    Chris: No, it just change what you see at that moment in the list of messages.

    Terry Nicholls
    2 years ago

    The button you’re discussing on my Mail program is in a completely different place. In the top right-hand. Is this OK?

    2 years ago

    Terry: What device are you using and which version of iOS?

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