MacMost Now 931: Finding Photos In iOS 7

Learn to use the new Photos app in iOS 7 to find your photos. In addition to the Albums view that was available before, you also have a Photos view that lets you dig into your pictures by year, collection and moments. You can also bring up a map showing the the photos in any sub-division.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's look at how the photos app works in iOS 7.

So when you upgraded to iOS 7 you may have noticed that the photos app looks a little different. The way you enter into it and find photos is a whole new method. Let's take a closer look.

When you first go into the photos app you may see it like this. Now it always remembers where you were the last time so you may be in a different spot. For instance, if you were looking at your Albums it will return you to your Albums. If you have already dug into the different years here it will return you to that spot.

You can always go back by hitting the button on the upper left that we will see in a second.

Here you can see I've got synced from my Mac, from iPhoto, I have photos covering three different years. You can see how it breaks them up by showing me these little thumbnails and also showing me a title that gives me some locations that these photos were taken.

Now I can tap on the screen inside these little photos. If I tap and hold I can actually see larger views of the photos there. I can scroll my finger over and get an idea what photos are there. I can easily just move my finger up and put it over any thumbnail to see the photos.

If I release my finger over a thumbnail it will jump right to that photo. So a quick way to get right from this top level view all the way down into photos.

But if you want to dig down just one level you can tap on the group of thumbnails, say I want to do it for 2013, tap on it and it will dig down into that one year. This is called a Collection. You can see at the top Collections. So I have collections inside of that year.

I can use the Years button at the top left to return to Years and tap to go into a Collection.

The thumbnails are a little bigger and I can still do the same basic thing. I can tap and hold over a specific photo and you can see it enlarges slightly. I can jump right into one photo or I can tap on the entire collection and dig down into that. Now I can see the individual photos even larger. To jump up into the collection I can hit the button at the upper left.

Now they are broken further into things called Moments. These are even smaller areas of time. Often just one day. If I tap on a photo in one of these Moments I will jump right to that photo.

Let's go all the way back up to years. Another thing you can do with years is instead of tapping on the photos themselves, the little thumbnail, I can tap on the Title.

So let me do that for 2013. I will tap on the title there and it is going to jump to a map view. It is going to show me my photos on a map in different groups. You can see it has grouped them into three areas of the world. I can tap on an area and it will jump down and show me those photos. I can go back by tapping on the upper left. I can go all the back up to Years as well.

You can do the same thing in smaller pieces. So I can jump into 2013 here and then I can go to one section here. This one. I can tap on the top there where it has a location, where is says London, England. I can tap and it will give me a map right there where you can see it is much closer in because it is all photos taken within a short period of time and I can then dig down into these smaller areas here to see those photos.

Now you don't have to use this system. If you liked how it worked before you can still do that. At the bottom of the screen here it has Photos and Albums. I can jump over to Albums and there are all my photos arranged by the different album including the Camera Roll Album and it even gives you all your videos in one specific album there. That is stuff taken on your iPad or on your iPhone in the camera roll there. Then you see the albums, three of them that I have synced from my Mac from iPhoto. You can sync from PC as well. You do the syncing through iTunes but the arrangement of those groups was done in iPhoto.

Now of course I can edit this group here and I can add my own album in here. So I can create an album here on the iPad or iPhone if I want. I can dig down into these albums just as I could before and it just shows me all the photos in the album. So this is kind of how it worked before. The functionality here of having this photos view with Years and then Collections and then Moments is what is new.

Now the whole point here is to give you a way to easily find your photos without having to arrange them in Albums. If you like arranging all your photos in albums so you can find them easily you can still use that. But if you don't have the time for that, if you just have all your photos in iPhoto, you've synced them all to your iPad or iPhone and you want to find that vacation photo from last year when you were on the beach in Maui you can quickly dig down into the year, look at the map, find Maui, find that photo.

Also it is great for those people that don't use the syncing back and forth very much. They simply just take pictures on their iPhone and they leave them on the iPhone. Then when you a variety of pictures, hundreds of them taken over the last couple of years, you can use this system to quickly find those photos because it combines everything from stuff you have synced from your Mac or PC and photos in your camera roll.

So I hope you found this useful. Until next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    6 years ago

    Gary I think you are fantastic! I love MacMost Now. I am the co-ordinator of the Hervey Bay iDevice Group and most of your information goes into my newsletters each month.

    Thank you so much.


    bob weber
    6 years ago

    Really helped me learn the new photo system.

    Beverly Chervitz
    5 years ago

    Gary, you are my “go to my mac” guru…no one does it better. Thanks so much for helping me build confidence moving around in all the “Mac” software. You are such a clairvoyant in realizing how much information is always being thrown at us. You make learning so easy and concise with your picture-in-picture, step-by-step teaching method for everyone and especially for us seniors.

    Susan Cochran
    5 years ago

    Fantastic! Very helpful! Thanks Gary!

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