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Best Pages-iCloud Workflow?

I like using iCloud because I can work on a document on my Mac desktop and pick up right where I left off on my Mac laptop. No need to use Dropbox. But iCloud has limited storage (so does Dropbox) and I can’t use file folders to organize (but I can in Dropbox). Maybe iCloud does support making folders, but I don’t know how to create folder in iCloud. In my workflow, as soon as I done with a document, I’ll move it off iCloud and onto my Mac to store it away. Works well for the most part, but there are times when I want to open up that stored away document.
Am I using iCloud as Apple intended? How do you use iCloud?

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    7 years ago

    The main different between how iCloud works with files and how DropBox works with files is that DropBox throws all files into a single folder (and subfolders). That’s like how you are used to working with files on a hard drive.
    But iCloud stores files in separate locations according to app. So Pages documents are stores in a Pages “space” and Keynote documents in a Keynote “space.” If you try to open a document in Pages using iCloud, you will only see Pages documents.
    But, you can certainly create folders inside of each space. In fact, I have a tutorial on how to do that:

    7 years ago

    Thanks! Watched the video plus read the comments.

    In one of your comments you said “iCloud files ARE on your disk. If you have two Macs, then they would be on both disks. iCloud is the service that syncs the files between the disks.”

    So all of my Pages documents that I store in iCloud I can work on my MacBook even if I don’t have internet access? When I walk in my house, wait a few minutes for iCloud sync, then I can work on that document on my Mac desktop?

      7 years ago

      Right. As long as the document had the chance to sync beforehand, you can work with it offline. Then it will sync again when connected.

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