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I’m creating a business card using the Pages template for it. I’ve designed my card in one of the many spaces in the grid. Now I wish to apply it to all the other boxes on the page that have the basic template outline still. How do I do this? And How do I change the background colour of the page from white to brown? Or at least of the individual cards on it.

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    7/1/11 @ 3:21 am

    Not sure. i don’t think you can do it like that. I would have started with a blank layout and created the card in the upper left. Then, when I was done I would have copied and pasted the finished grouped elements around the page.
    Maybe try that by copying and pasting the grouped elements from your current document to a new layout?
    As for changing the background to brown, I suppose you could put a solid rectangle behind the entire thing. That would fill the page with brown ink, though. Probably what you want is to use paper that is that color to begin with.

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