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Can I Change My Existing iCloud Email Address?

I am changing my name, and would like to get a new icloud email.

Can I change my existing one and have the original one forwarded for a long time?

I am confused about Aliases, and don’t want to open a 2nd icloud account.

How do you test new icloud addresses to see if they are in use?

thanks, Asha

Asha Carter

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    10 months ago

    Basically, you create an iCloud email alias address, and then switch to it. Apple have instructions here:
    Look for the section titled “How to change your Apple ID if it ends with,, or”

    10 months ago

    thanks Gary, I watched the video and was a little confused about aliases.

    Perhaps because I had something else in mind, not using aliases

    for instance if I had..

    and wanted to change it to

    How could I slowly phase out oldname@icloud.?

    Can I create a simple forwarder for the oldname@icloud.

    10 months ago

    Asha: Read that page carefully to see what is possible. If you can’t figure it out from there you’ll need to call Apple support. I think what you want may not be possible. Instead, you may just have to set up an alias ( and then just start using that alias as your email address for correspondence and other non-Apple things. But then you’d stick with your original Apple ID email address for logging on to your Apple accounts.

    Pavla Bajgar
    10 months ago

    My ipad is asking me to Sign in to iCloud..but..It is asking for old ID that no longer exist and I do not even know it anymore. I have a new ID set up, how do I connect my ipad to this account? tx.

    10 months ago

    Pavla: Go into Settings and change your Apple ID there.

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