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Can I Change My Existing iCloud Email Address?

I am changing my name, and would like to get a new icloud email.

Can I change my existing one and have the original one forwarded for a long time?

I am confused about Aliases, and don’t want to open a 2nd icloud account.

How do you test new icloud addresses to see if they are in use?

thanks, Asha

Asha Carter

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    2 years ago

    Basically, you create an iCloud email alias address, and then switch to it. Apple have instructions here:
    Look for the section titled “How to change your Apple ID if it ends with,, or”

    2 years ago

    thanks Gary, I watched the video and was a little confused about aliases.

    Perhaps because I had something else in mind, not using aliases

    for instance if I had..

    and wanted to change it to

    How could I slowly phase out oldname@icloud.?

    Can I create a simple forwarder for the oldname@icloud.

    2 years ago

    Asha: Read that page carefully to see what is possible. If you can’t figure it out from there you’ll need to call Apple support. I think what you want may not be possible. Instead, you may just have to set up an alias ( and then just start using that alias as your email address for correspondence and other non-Apple things. But then you’d stick with your original Apple ID email address for logging on to your Apple accounts.

    Pavla Bajgar
    2 years ago

    My ipad is asking me to Sign in to iCloud..but..It is asking for old ID that no longer exist and I do not even know it anymore. I have a new ID set up, how do I connect my ipad to this account? tx.

    2 years ago

    Pavla: Go into Settings and change your Apple ID there.

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