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Can I Save an “Image” To Notes or a File and Then Delete In Photos?

I like to save “images” from Facebook/Pinterest/Emails and may also take a photo of say an IRS form/Receipt/FedEx Label/Magazine article, and either save it in a Folder or in Notes. I will then delete in Photos because it’s not really a Photo I have taken and I don’t want these images to clutter up my actual photos. Since I have deleted from Photos, I hope they will not disappear some day from my Saved location. Am I doing this right? I suppose an option would be to move over to the Pictures folder?
I’ve searched online and even called Apple but did not get a good answer. You have a great website! Thanks for your help
Chris McS

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    6 years ago

    Yes and no. Yes to a file, of course. The file isn't going to go anywhere unless you delete it or something happens to the drive, etc.

    Notes is probably OK, it wasn't designed to be a permanent archive of important documents. It is easy to delete a note, for instance, without a "trash" or history to give you a safety net. And it also isn't very searchable.

    I use it myself to store photos of things I need for temporary records, like receipts or information on signs and such. I take the picture right in Notes and then it never goes to my Photos library to mix in with "real" pictures.

    But I wouldn't use it as a way to store important things like tax documents. I would do those as files. In fact I do do those as files in folders. And I make sure they get backed up in Time Machine, of course.

    As for whether you can delete something in Photos once you have it saved as a file elsewhere, the answer is yes. The external file would be independent of the one in your Photos Library.

    Chris McS
    6 years ago

    Thanks Gary for the quick response and for answering my question!
    Perhaps I am overusing Notes. I find it handy for saving little snippets that I can access easily on my iPhone (shopping lists, pics of medication). I also use screenshot a lot. I will create a File to save more permanently but is there an App you are aware of that would be safer and just as convenient?

    6 years ago

    Chris: I think a lot of people use Evernote for that. I'm not a user myself, so I can't speak from experience, but I hear about people storing documents with it. But nothing wrong with a folder of files (in iCloud for Mac+iPhone+iPad access) organized and named well.

    6 years ago

    Actually notes is perfect for what you want to do. Notes is now a Evernote replacement. You can even lock a note with a password. Additionally if you accidentally delete a note it keeps it in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days. Read more at link below. I love Notes and exported everything out of Evernote and into Notes. Notes is free. Evernote you have to subscribe (well there is a free version but not as useful).

    Chris McS
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the tip Henry. I love Notes and really don't want to use Evernote. I didn't know about the Recently Deleted folder.

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