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Can’t Sync iPad With Computer Through iCloud

I own a macbook pro laptop which is updated to Lion and itunes 10.5 and a couple of ipad 2’s which have both been updated to IOS 5. I can’t get them to sync with Itunes wirelessly through icloud. When I go into settings, then General, then Itunes wi-fi sync, the Sync now button is grayed out and won’t work. What’s my problem? It says something about it’s waiting for my macbook pro to become available, which it is available. I have all devices on the same wi-fi network; just not sure why it won’t work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is there something I don’t have set right in itunes on my macbook pro?
Mark G. Glasson

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    10 years ago

    If that Sync Now button is grayed out, then you definitely can’t sync. What happens when you try to initiate a sync from iTunes on your Mac? Does it work then?
    When you plug in the iPad via the cable, and look in iTunes at the Summary page for that iPad, is the “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” checked?

    Allan Michael
    10 years ago

    same here. I checked the box. thank you. still nothing. sent apple feedback.

    10 years ago

    Had the same problem, made an exception for wireless devices in windows firewall and did a restart, sync is now working ok. Hope this helps.

    Allan Michael
    10 years ago

    You have to back up n restore Apple told me. Did it n it Worked!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 years ago

    My friend did all the new stuff to my ipad,with her macbook pro, however,when i try to sync with itunes the button is greyed out and says that i have to wait for her computer to be available,NOT GOOD!!! ,how can i change that to be working we my macbook. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

      10 years ago

      It sounds like your friend linked it to her MacBook Pro. You need to straighten that out with her. She should have synced it to your MacBook. You can always attach it there and then select the option to re-sync it (erasing all your music and videos). Not sure what that option looks like in iTunes 10.5 as it is hard to create those conditions.

    Phillip Moon
    9 years ago

    I figured it out. Its an issue that has come up before with previous versions of iTunes. Its usually only on the 64 bit systems. Apple have botched their installs. So to fix the problem:

    1. Obtain a archiving program such as WinRAR.
    2. Get the installation file from the iTunes site.
    3. Unpack/or just open the install file with the archiver.
    4. Extract the AppleApplicationSupport.msi, AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi, and Bonjour64.msi. (not sure if you need to do all but do all just to be safe.
    5. Right click on the files and go to properties, then compatibility, then check the run as previous version of windows.
    6. Do that for all the files and then right click and repair (or install if you haven’t got iTunes installed).
    7. Restart and it should hopefully work.

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