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Disable the Passcode In iPad Air2?

The iPad Air2 is used only by my spouse.
How can she disable the step of having to input the PassCode in order to use the iPad?
Fernando Gonçslves

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    4 years ago

    First, this is not a good idea. Unless your spouse only uses it to anonymously access a few apps, like games, and isn’t signed into an Apple ID, email account, any online account or any app at all, then you want to protect it. Even if it never leaves the house, it could still be stolen. Without a passcode, anyone would have complete access to any account that the iPad accesses.

    Instead, since it is an iPad Air 2, then use Touch ID. Then instead of typing a passcode most of the time, your spouse can use their fingerprint. That’s the best of both worlds — security and convenience.

    If the iPad is truly not used for any accounts at all, or access to anything personal, then you can turn off both Touch ID and the passcode in Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, then Turn Passcode Off.

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