Forum Question: Does Backup To iCloud Interfere With Syncing To iTunes?

Backup to iCloud seems interesting, but scary at the same time. Does backing up to iCloud interfere with syncing my iPhoto pics and non-iTunes media?
Not sure how these features play together. Thanks.

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    10/27/11 @ 2:59 pm

    Backing up to iCloud is the same as what you have been doing all along when you back up your iPhone. But it is to an Apple server instead of your Mac or PC. It doesn’t change how other features like photo syncing work.
    In general, use iCloud backups if you aren’t syncing with any computer. But if you are, then just continue to use local backups. Otherwise, iCloud backups will take much longer and fill up your “free” space on iCloud quickly.
    This feature is really meant to allow iOS devices to stand alone, instead of requiring computer syncing to operate fully.

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