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Error message in Parallels 6

Hi, I’m using parallels 6 on my macbook pro, it’s running windows xp that I installed using bootcamp.
It seems to run ok, but occasionally I get an error message saying “unable to access hard disk 1, an error occurred when accessing the hard disk. Error ID: Invalid argument.”
Everything still continues to run perfectly fine. I found a forum that said you can fix it if you go to the configuration, change hard disk 1 location form 0:0 to 1:0, that will fix it, I did that, and now I get a slightly different error message saying “unable to access hard disk 3.”
I can’t seem to find any solutions to this on any forums.
Do you have any idea how to fix it?

— James Milne

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    10 years ago

    Have you tried to contact Parallels support?

    Dan Davis
    10 years ago

    I have the same issue. Here’s what I think it is: Bootcamp 3.1 allows your macintosh drive to be seen as a regular hard drive (yay – don’t need macdrive program anymore!), but then when you use parallels 6, that drive is just sitting there “unformatted”. If I click on it, I’m asked if I want to format it. Yikes. If that’s my macdrive, no way – but I guess I just want Parallels to not use it versus always giving me a unable to access hard drive 1 error. At least – that’s what I THINK is happening, but don’t know what to do next.

    9 years ago

    when I boot my parallels on my mac is says a disk read error occured what shall I do? pls help me

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