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Export contact group from apple mail into apple address book group

Gary, thank you for sharing your knowledge on everything apple!

I recently became a member of a large group. I’m trying to export contacts from a CC field in apple mail into last import in apple address book, so I can then easily select all contacts from the last import and drop them into the new group. I don’t believe a smart group would work since there is not a unique aspect of the contacts. Manually dragging and dropping contacts from all contacts in apple address book into a group would take an unbelievable amount of time. I’m confident you know a better way!

— Vince

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    9 years ago

    You can choose View, Show Last Import in Address Book. Then select them all and drag them to a new group.

    9 years ago

    I may not have been clear enough. How do I export a group of contacts at one time from mail and import them into address book/last import? Dragging the selected contacts from mail to address book does not work and there are no right click features pertaining to a group.

    Val Looney
    9 years ago

    I hope this problem is solved as I have been trying to figure out the same thing and have hit a brick wall. If solved, please let me know. Thanks.

    8 years ago

    I know this is old but I am STILL searching for a way to do this. It seems ridiculous that there is no simple solution. Why we can’t select all addresses, cmd click and add to new group is beyond me.

    It’s the simple things like this that are missing that make businesses steer clear of apple mail…

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