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Finding Location of iPad Backup To iMac

I have a question about my iPad backup. After opening iTunes and clicking on the iPad Icon in the “devices” box, under options I can back the iPad up to iCloud or “this computer”. Recently I carelessly chose “this computer”. I want to find and delete the iPad backup files, info, data, or whatever from my computer but can’t locate where were stored on the computer. Does anyone know where it is stored? I am not concerned about the hard drive space the iPad backup takes on the computer since I have a 2 TB hard drive on my iMac, but I also use Carbonite for backup. I currently have 215GB backed up on Carbonite, and after around 150GB it backs up VERY slow. This means that new data doesn’t get backed up promptly. I currently have 54GB waiting to be backed up meaning that this 54 is s uceptible to loss until it gets backed up. I do use Time Machine and it backs up very fast, but am concerned about the Carbonite situation.
I want to delete the iPad backup data that has been placed on m

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    7 years ago

    Finding the location of the backup files for any iOS device on your Mac is done through iTunes.
    Run iTunes and then go to iTunes Preferences. Then click on the Devices category. There you will see a list of all of your backups.
    Now Control+Click on any item in the list. Then select Show In Finder. This will take you to a folder that is full of data files — this is your backup.
    In your case, you don’t even have to use Show In Finder. Another option in that menu is Delete. Just use that.

      7 years ago

      Thanks Gary…..I found it.

    Gordon Potter
    7 years ago

    Gary gave you the easy way. If you really want to location try:
    User; Library; Application Support; MobileSync; Backup

    But when you get there, you may have multiple backups with computer generated names.

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