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How Do I Access Remotely To HDD In Airport Time Capsule Extreme?

I have an 4th generation airport time capsule extreme with 1tb of internal HDD, i want to share the file in the HDD not only in my home network but also over the internet. I try to do a port forwarding on the 548 UDP TCP but work only in my home network. I don’t understand how to access remotely without configure a Mac.

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    4 years ago

    Do you have a static IP address for your home Internet? Without that, it may be impossible. If you did have a static IP address, then you would know it is X.X.X.X and you could use Go, Connect To Server in the Finder and then smb://X.X.X.X:548 (or afp://X.X.X.X:548) to try to connect.

    But most people have dynamic IP addresses, which means your ISP assigns you a random IP address and changes it periodically.

    Sometimes there are ways to have your network equipment (DSL or Cable modem box) let your Mac know what its current IP address is. But that would be part of that system, so you'd have to read the documentation for whatever you have or consult with their support. And I'm not sure if that is common or not. I have no experience with it.

    Of course even if you had a static IP address, it could be that your network equipment from your ISP isn't going to allow an outside connection on that port. Again, you'd need to read the docs or consult with their support.

    This is one reason wby cloud solutions work so much better than old-fashioned networking.

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