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How Do I Change the Apple Mail Body Size?

I have a large iMac, when ever I open a email in apple mail the body of that email is small. I use the command key and + to increase the pages size (Macmost also). Is there a way to make that default mail body size larger?

Gary Bartholomew

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    2 years ago

    Have you played with the Message font settings in Mail, Preferences, Fonts & Colors? It is hard to know if that will work with the specific email you are having a problem with. Since email messages are small HTML web pages, the sender can do what they want with the fonts and sizes and you see what they want you to see.

    Of course if you are having trouble with messages, then maybe you are also having trouble with font sizes elsewhere? See

    Gary Barrholomew
    2 years ago

    I’ll try changing font size to see if it changes the body layout/size.

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