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How Do I Change the Picture Of an Icon In the Dock?

I want to change the Mail icon in the dock to a Canadian Flag. I tried what you explained in changing the picture of a file and it works. When I tried to change the picture of the Mail icon by replacing it with a Canadian Flag, didn’t work; nothing changed.

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    5 years ago

    That's because you can't change the icon for an application like you can a file. It is in the system Applications folder and therefore not something you can edit.

    But there is a way to do it, with a lot of extra steps. First, quit Mail and then drag and drop the Dock shortcut for Mail up to the top of the screen until you see Remove From Dock and then release so it is gone from the Dock. Then, create a folder somewhere called something like "App Aliases" maybe in your Documents folder or a subfolder of it. Now drag and drop Mail from the Applications folder to the App Aliases folder your created. Before releasing make sure a curved arrow appears over the icon indicating that you are creating an alias to that file and not moving it. If not, hold the Option+Command keys to get the curved arrow before releasing the icon.

    Now that you have an alias to the Mail app that is under your control, you can edit the icon of that alias. Once you have done that, drag and drop that alias to the Dock to add it to the Dock. Now you have a custom icon in the Dock that launches Mail.

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