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How Do I Change TIFF Files To JPGs

I am downloading files from my camera to my Mac and they are converting to tiffs.How can I change them to jpegs. Do you have any guide to using iPhoto. I am a learing the skills of photography and am having problems how iPhoto works. My kids treated me on my retirement to this Mac which is a Mac OS X 10.7.5.I am now a senior citzen and not the best tech or computer nerd in the world.In short i would like to know the best way for me to handle my pictures from camera to iPhoto and the best way of storage. Thanks Jack
Jack Savage

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    7 years ago

    The first thing you may want to do is to consult your camera’s docs and look in the settings — there is probably a setting for file type and you have it set to TIFF or raw or something else instead of jpeg. If you switch it to jpeg, then the problem will be solved for all images you take in the future.
    For your existing photos, you’ll need to export them as jpeg images, and then re-import those new files.
    So choose one or more photos. Then choose File, Export. Use the “File Export” part of that dialog. Use JPEG and “Full Size.” I would set it to at least High quality. Include all information.
    Save those to some folder you create. Check to make sure they export OK to files in the Finder. Then delete the originals in iPhoto and drag and drop the new files into iPhoto.
    Do this on an event-by-event basis, or in some sort of organized way so you can make sure you get each photo converted and not lose any.
    I have a lot of videos on iPhoto. To find videos here at MacMost, just click on the Videos link at the top. Then you can see a list by category. In this case, it will take you to

      Jack savage
      7 years ago

      Thanks for that info. I do take my pictures in raw format, but now I will change to jpegs for the moment. I will follow your instructions and also view the videos. Thanks for your help.

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