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How Do I Change Type Size In Mail When Sending Email After Having Typed Message?

I’m send a message and after typing same decide to enlarge size of my
scrip as the party is 89 years old. This is in Email and I have a MacBook
pro 13.


Phil Porter

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    3 years ago

    I’m going to assume you are using the Mac Mail app, and not another app or some online web-based email system, like a lot of people do. Also going to assume you are using macOS Sierra, the current version of the OS and Mail.
    In that case, just select the text you wish to enlarge. Or, use Command+A to select all of the text, provided your cursor is in the body text somewhere. Then, you can change the font size one of many ways. I would use the toolbar at the top of the mail composition window, which shows the font face, style, alignment and other things. Just change the font size there to whatever size you want.
    Alternatively, you can use Command+= (equals/plus key) to enlarge the text step-by-step. Or, use Format, Show Fonts (Command+T) to bring up the text panel so you can adjust the font size there.
    In Sierra this seems to work whether you are sending a plain text message or a rich text message. But you may want to switch to rich text using Format, Make Rich Text (if you already are rich text, then it shows Make Plain Text in the same spot).
    The problem is that no matter how you format or style your message, how it is displayed is completely up to the mail app on the other end. Your other party could have an app or service that makes all text the same size, and you have no control over that. Or, it could make your medium text look small and big text look medium, etc. But at least using rich text for the message is telling that app that you want the format to remain as you sent it — not that the app needs to obey that, but at least you are doing things right on your end.

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