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How Do I Determine How Much Storage and How Much Memory I Will Need?

I am going to buy a new computer. How do I determine how much memory and storage to get? Also how much clock speed (cores) should I get?

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    5 years ago

    First, look at what you have now. Is it fast enough? Do you have enough storage? Any issues with memory? If your current computer is a good fit, then you should start with that basis and think if you need more of anything, like maybe the next level up of storage space.

    Then you need to think about what you use your Mac for. If you do graphics work, like large image editing, video creation, 3D modeling, playing video games, then you'll want something with a good GPU (not an integrated one). GPU is often overlooked, but it is as important if not more so than the CPU.

    Also, is this computer for work or just personal stuff? If for work, then getting more storage and power will be more important and making the wrong choice will have more of an impact.

    Pay carful attention to the storage size. I never hear anyone say they wish they bought less storage. But I hear that they wish they got more storage all the time. Figure out what you need to store and then think about if you can afford one level higher than that.

    Budget is another factor. If you have plenty of money, then why not get the best? But if you don't, then you need to carefully weight each choice.

    Hard to advise more without knowing the details of your situation. If you are buying a laptop, I actually have a video on choosing a MacBook coming out this week so look for that.

    Bob Kapell
    5 years ago

    I am currently using an old Mac mini (late 2012) with 16 GB of memory and 500 GB os storage. I have only 55 GB stored on the computer. I keep almost everything on the cloud. I do internet searching, email, word processing and spreadsheets. I don't do gaming or photo precessing. I don't know whether to get a new Mac mini or a MacBook Air.

    Thank you

    5 years ago

    Bob: You say "I keep almost everything on the cloud" -- just note that you still need local hard drive space. Please watch
    The choice should be easy between the MacBook Air and the Mac mini since they are very different. The Air is a lightweight portable with its own screen. The mini is a desktop (non-portable) and requires you to add a screen, keyboard and mouse/trackpad. Will you be using the computer in one place (desk) all the time and never need to access it anywhere else? Then a mini is a good option. Otherwise, the Air is a good option.

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