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How Do I Export a Transparant Movie With the Current Keynote Version?

I’ve seen your video from 2012 about exporting MOV with alpha channel for transparency, but this isn’t available in the newer versions of Keynote anymore. The first question that one should ask is WHY???
But do you know if there is another way to get the same result, without having to use greenscreen, because that is not perfect if your presentation has photo’s that also have a lot of green in them…
Marcel Vossen

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    4 years ago

    You actually can do this with the current version of Keynote. First, you need to set the background of your slides to to No Fill. Do this by going to the Format sidebar with nothing selected. You’ll see “Background” and then a menu below where the first item is No Fill. I think you also have to do that for the Master Slide too.
    Then, go to File, Export and export as QuickTime. Set the format to Custom and the Compression Type to Apple ProRes 4444.
    The resulting video should be transparent when used in a video editing app that can handle transparent video.

    4 years ago

    Hi there Gary,

    Thank you for the fast reply, my client has actually tried that format too, but the resulting movie was huge, he said about 12.8 Gb so he couldn’t even Wetransfer it to me, is that something we can change somehow too?

    It’s a 12 minute Keynote presentation with soms photo’s and a voiceover…


    4 years ago

    After exporting the initial ProRes 4444 video, you can always take it into a video editor and try exporting it in a different format that supports the alpha channel but doesn’t create such a large file. Some experimentation should give you a result there.

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