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How Do I Get To Apps Under iOS?

Apple, wanting the help us configure iOS, rewrites the URL to connect to to This is using either Safari or 1Password browsers on my iPad. I actually want to see the iCloud web apps though. How do I get to the iCloud apps on the web?
Walt Pesch

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    3 years ago

    Safari in iOS wants you to use the native apps (Notes, Calendar, Mail, etc) instead of the apps. In most cases, it is right, and you should use them. But in some cases, like when you want to access special preferences that are only available in, or you want to log on to another iCloud account to check something, you really want to go to the regular website, like you would when using a computer.
    To do this in iOS 10, go to and let yourself be redirected. Then click on the actions/share button at the top. It looks like a box with an up arrow in it. Look through the options there and find the “Request Desktop Site” option. It is usually on the bottom row, to the right so you need to slide over.
    Once you select this option, the site will reload and allow you to log on to as you would a computer.

    Gary Ward
    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary for this tip, I always wondered why I could not access on my iPads as I do on the iMac, even when calling Apple, whomever I talked to did not know this either! Thanks again!

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