Forum Question: How Do I Import VLC Video Files Into My iMovie Project?

I have a Mac laptop – with version 10.6.8
I would like to import short video clips, that are in VLC format, into a project I am making in iMovie ’11.
When I select ‘import’ and then ‘movies,’ in iMovie, the files on my desktop are grey and I can’t click on them to import.
Thank you. Thank you.

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    1/26/12 @ 7:28 pm

    OK, so you have some videos that aren’t readable by iMovie. As far as I know, VLC isn’t a video format — it is a video playback application. So I’m guessing that you have videos in some format, not sure what. But you have been able to play them in the VLC video player.
    Either way, what you need to do is to convert them to a format that iMovie can work with. See this episode:
    Actually, one of the main ways people convert videos is by using the VLC player. So you can just use that and export into an mp4/h264 format.

      1/27/12 @ 1:19 pm

      Thanks for your help, Gary. Unfortunately, when the video was converted using the VLC player, it turned out to be very shaky. I have tried every combination available to me. Do you have any other, last-ditch suggestions?

      Thanks a lot.

        1/27/12 @ 1:32 pm

        Shaky? Not sure why that would be. There are lots of conversion options. Just try another one.

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