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How Do I Increase Storage On iPhone for Software Update?

Unable to complete the iOS 17.4.1 software update on my iPhone 12 because message ‘More Storage Required’ appears. Not sure what best way to do this is.

Have recently attempted to download the iOS 17.4.1 software update on my iPhone 12, but a message accompanied its details, ‘Unable to download’. At the bottom of the screen, there was another message, ‘More Storage Required This update cannot be installed because it requires at least 7.96 GB of available storage during installation.’ I clicked the blue ‘Manage iPhone Storage’ option at the bottom of the screen. In the list of usage by items that appeared, ‘Synced Media’ was at the top using 25.65 GB. Not sure why this is on my iPhone and what it does. Do I need it? Can I delete it? If so, how? By the way, I have read lots of discussions of this on Apple Support Community, but I am none the wiser about what I actually do to get rid of ‘Synced Media’ quickly. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.
David Girling

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    3 months ago

    Go to Settings, General iPhone Storage. Consider the recommendations at the top. Then go to the list of apps and look at each carefully. Some apps let you purge data or take other actions. For some you may want to offload them (temporarily remove the app, but keep the data) and for others you may want to delete them (you can always re-download from the App Store).

    Synced data is probably photos, music or videoare you manually syncing by connecting your iPhone to your Mac or PC. For instance if you connect your iPhone to your Mac and choose to sync your photos from Mac to iPhone, it would take up space on on your iPhone. You can connect again and simply choose to sync fewer photos (only certain albums). Same for Music and TV apps.

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