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How Do I Make the Default Cursor Larger?

How do I make the default cursor larger?

I am 75 years old and my vision is not what it used to be. I need the default cursor to be bigger so I don’t lose it on the screen-have to use the mouse wiggle way to often.
Michael Steen

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    11 months ago

    Go to System Preferences, Accessibility. Click on Display in the list on the left. Then Click Pointer at the top. Look for the Pointer Size slider. You can change the color there too.

    Note: I think this is what you are asking since you mentioned "wiggle." The arrow you move with your mouse or trackpad is actually called a "pointer" and the line that blinks when you are editing text is called the "cursor." But I accidentally use "cursor" for both all the time so you aren't alone.

    John Smith
    11 months ago

    The "wiggle" Michael is referring to is the shaking of the mouse to momentarily enlarge the pointer.

    11 months ago

    John: Yes, that's why I assume he means the pointer.

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