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How Do I Make the Icon Size the Same for Every Folder?

How do I make all the icon size the same throughout the system? I am using icon view. When I go through the show view option it only changes the size of the icon in the folder I am currently in but I want to it to be the same with every folder.

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    2 years ago

    So you have changed the icons size in various places, so they are different now? There’s no easy way to have them all snap back to their defaults. But it is fairly easy to have the current folder go back to defaults.

    First, bring up the View Options. Do that with View, Show View Options or simply Command+j. Here’s another place you can adjust your icon size. You can certainly slide it to 64×64 if you like. A quicker way is to look for the Use As Defaults button at the bottom. Hold the Option key down and it changes to Restore To Defaults. Click it (while holding down Option) and it will snap to 64×64 and other options will reset as well.

    This does mean you have to do them one-by-one. But the View Options window sticks around unless you close it. So you can now go to a few regular folders and quickly Option+click that button to get started. Then handle any you miss later on.

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