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How Do I Manage My Audiobook Library In MacOS Catalina?

I have an extensive audiobook library (mostly DRM-free) in iTunes, which I actively curate (that is, I break books into chapters, combine chapters into sections, edit the metadata, etc). With Catalina, I understand this content will be moved to the Books app.

If you have played with the Catalina beta, do you know whether I will able to edit audiobooks in Books in the same manner that now is possible in iTunes? If no, any suggestions on non-Apple apps to use for this purpose, not only to edit the content, but then to play it on both Mac and iOS devices?


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    2 weeks ago

    Yes, you access your audiobooks in the Books app.

    But I’m not sure if you’ll be able to do the same things you could do in iTunes. I don’t have any audiobooks (actually, I have tons of them, but all in the Audible ecosystem).

    I did download some free audiobooks in the Books app on Catalina. You can listen to them as I’d expect, but I’m not sure what you are doing with chapters that is different.

    And I’m not sure what happens if the audiobook files are just audio files. Perhaps then they are just in the Music app. Or maybe you can choose. You may just have to wait until you get Catalina and then see.

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