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How Do I Print a Selection Of a Table In Numbers Without the Default Cell Border?

In Excel (for Mac) I can select part of a worksheet and automatically (1) print it (2)without the default cell borders.

How is this done in Numbers?

I’m using Numbers version 6.0 (6194)
Joe Quinn

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    4 years ago

    To remove cell borders, select the cells, or the entire table, then go to the Format sidebar, then Cells. There is a control there for borders. Set the borders how you like, or remove them completely.

    Number allows you to get into design much more than Excel. You can create sheets with multiple tables, position the tables, set styles, background and borders, and create beautiful sheets. See the many templates in Numbers for some examples.

    So if your document has a part that needs to result in paper, then you'll want to design a sheet that looks great. You may have raw data and ugly stuff on one or more sheets, and then one sheet specifically designed to print as you like.

    Joe Quinn
    4 years ago

    What I prefer is having one concept all in one sheet to avoid toggling.

    Raw data and ugly stuff I push off to the side in the sheet. What I’m missing from Excel is that I can’t seem to
    set the sheet in Numbers to print page layout so I can clearly see the printing boundaries. In Numbers I have to CMD+P to check the boundaries and then go back to the sheet to make necessary adjustments..

    Is there any way of getting to see the print boundaries directly on the sheet as I am working?

    4 years ago

    Joe: You can't just print an area like that. Instead of pushing ugly stuff "off to the side" you simply put it on another sheet in the same document. That's a difference between Excel and Numbers. Just leave the stuff you want to print on one sheet, everything else on other sheets. You can keep trying to force Numbers to be Excel, but you won't get anywhere. Numbers isn't Excel. If you want Excel, then you can always use Excel.

    Joe Quinn
    4 years ago

    I agree; Excel is Excel, and Numbers Numbers.
    As I’m exploring Numbers, I much prefer it, it’s slicker.
    Just have to shake off some old Excel modi and think Numbers.
    Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

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