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How Do I Put a Signature On a Word docx?

Available instructions say to go to insert, then signature. Word allows you to write a signature with a finger on trackpad. That’s messy and does not look like my signature. Up to this point, I had taken a picture of my signature and insert that photo in the appropriate place on the page. Am I missing something about how to get my signature on a WORD doc?

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    5 years ago

    Using the latest Word on Mac, if I search for Signature in the help, I just get something telling me to scan in my signature and then insert it as an image. I don't see an option to even write it out with the trackpad.

    Typically, you put your signature on PDFs, not Word documents. The main reason being that Word documents are editable. Do you want to sign something and send it to someone who can change what it is you just signed? Granted, you can do it with a PDF too if you have the right software, but it is a little harder.

    So maybe think about exporting the finished Word document as a PDF and use the signing function in preview, which allows you to sign by taking a picture of your signature.

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