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How Do I Sync Messages Between Two iPhones?

I use iPhone 11 as my daily driver. I recently bought a new iPhone SE 3rd generation that I plan to use it for international SIMs. Currently the new iPhone SE doesn’t have a SIM card or cellular service. Both devices are registered under the same Apple ID.

I have enabled iMessages to be synced with all my devices. New incoming text messages (iMessage or SMS) sync between my iPhone 11, MacBook and Apple Watch. But I am not receiving them on my new iPhone SE. Outgoing text messages from iPhone SE sync to other devices.

All devices are running the latest versions of their respective operating systems. Please help me sync.
Chethan Belludi

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    2 years ago

    So the problem isn't syncing iMessages, it sounds like, but getting your SMS messages on your iPhone SE, which is not connected to your mobile service. Or is it both SMS and iMessages?

    iMessages should work if you turn on Settings, Messages, iMessage and have added all of your email addresses and accounts in Send & Receive there.

    But to get SMS messages to appear, you need to go to your mobile-network-connected device, your iPhone 11, and in Settings, Messages, go to Text Message Forwarding. Then make sure your new iPhone SE is switched on there.

    SMS messages only come in and go out through a mobile provider. They aren't using the Internet like iMessage is. So only your iPhone 11 can do SMS. Apple has a neat system in this Text Message Forwarding feature where your Mac and other devices can send SMS through your iPhone 11, and receive them by syncing with your iPhone 11. It works so well many people don't even realize that is what is happening. That is, until they get a new device and they haven't turned on Text Message Forwarding to it yet.

    Chethan Belludi
    2 years ago

    You nailed it, Gary. I turned on "text message forwarding" and it works like a charm!

    I had read so many forums and watched a lot of videos. Nothing came close to my problem. Thank you for addressing it so quickly. I totally agree with your comment: "It works so well many people don't even realize that is what is happening."

    By the way, I love your YouTube videos - the content and the ease of understanding. Thank you for putting out nice videos and sharing your knowledge.

    Pat Smart
    8 months ago

    Syncing messages between Apple devices )iPhone & iPad) does not include syncing Deleted messages,does it? If I delete a message on my iPhone 13, it still shows up on my iPad Pro. Is there a way to synchronize deletions too?

    8 months ago

    Pat: It seems to for me.

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