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How Do I Upload From PHOTOS To SMUGMUG?

I have a SMUGMUG Professional account (but I am just a Dad) and want to upload from PHOTOS into SMug galleries. A labor intensive workaround is put an empty folder on your desktop. Then: move files from photos to folder. Open gallery click upload, pull highlighted files from folder to gallery upload box. Is there any simple way to do ths?

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    4 years ago

    I’m not a SmugMug user. Do they have a way to upload via your web browser? I imagine they do. If so, then check out my recent video on this:
    You may also want to ask them if they plan on producing an extension for the Mac Photos app to do it directly from Photos.

    4 years ago

    Hi Maury-

    I work for SmugMug and can answer that! We have a Lightroom plug-in if you use Lightroom. We have a ton of Help pages on uploading, so I’ll point you there for you to see which topic works best for you.

    Also, we love our Dad photographers! We just released a video celebrating them:

    If you have any more questions our Support Heroes can help!

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