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How Do I View Newest Photo First Using the Photos App?

How do I view newest Photo first using the Photos App? My sort option in my Photos App is all greyed out so I cannot change the sequence of All Photos in the Album Section. It is just stuck in one position “Keep sorted by oldest first” . No other options are available to put the newest photos at the top and not at the bottom
Thomas Cotton

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    3 years ago

    That’s right, the All Photos album is sorted oldest to newest, by date added. So the newest is at the bottom. Likewise, the Photos view is also only sorted oldest to newest, with the newest at the bottom, but by the date of the photo, not the date it was added. For many people the order will be the same.

    A few things you can do if your goal is to see the newest photos. First, you may want to try using the Last Import album. This will show you your new photos.

    Another option is to simply get used to seeing the new photos at the bottom. You can quickly jump to the bottom by first selecting anything in that view, and then using either the End key on an extended keyboard, or FN+right arrow on a condensed keyboard.

    Another option is to create a Smart Album that contains everything. For instance, choose File, New Smart Album and set the criteria to something like “Photo” “is not” and “Hidden.” Name that Smart Album something like “All Photos Sorted.” Then you can sort in either direction with View, Sort.

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