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How Do You Extend Images Across Two Pages In Pages?

I am trying to create a fashion type magazine with Pages. I would like to extend a photo across two pages. The Pages version I’m working with is OS.X 10.83. I am new to this software so thank you for any help.

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    7 years ago

    Unfortunately, you can’t. But you can do one of two tricks to get the same result.
    The first is to put the image on both sides of the two-page spread. So you have the image twice. Thing position the first to show the first half, and the second to show the second half. It is tough getting them precise, but it can be done. Or, you can go to your image editing app (Photoshop or whatever) and precisely cut the image and export two images, one for each page. Same basic idea.
    Unfortunately, you’ll always have a gap between the two pages. So a second method is to design that two-page spread in a separate document, one that fits a two-page spread onto a single page by simply having a long page width. If your goal is to produce a PDF, you can then export the main Pages document as a PDF, and this special two-page spread as a PDF, and then insert and move pages around using Preview when you are done.
    If your magazine includes a lot of these two-page spreads, you may want to do the entire document this way, with 17×11 pages sometimes divided into two areas and sometimes together as one.
    Hope these suggestions help.

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